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New Sh*t at FairyTails Cafe

Keeping a small schedule until after SL6B…

Current events @ Fairytails:

Thursday @3pm: FacelessApe (Live Musician)

Sats @9pm: NEko/Fairy party w/ Dj Amo & Jester (600L contest)

FairyTails Cafe slurl

Posted by: Sisoula | June 24, 2009

Renewed & a Neko summer

The quiet has ended…
I was having a semi break from a stressed out second life. Well, that over…Here comes the SL week from hell.

It all starts with my deadline to finish the shop and my new neko dress. Yeppers the shop reopened on the 22 and we have a new dress line. After all, Nekos need summer dresses too.
Neko summer Dress
We also added some dollarbie  salsa dresses & the june group gift is out (Fairy poses)…

So check that off my list. Next redecorating the Cafe for the summer. The Fantasy Faire made decorating pretty easy.  Now, Cafers got a new butterfly ride, Harp and more to play with!!

So all done with the cafe and shop for this week. But there’s now rest for the wicked since my Sl6b djing slots starts to day.  Holy shit at 10pm and 2am today. I might need to start  drinking coffee.

Fairytails Info:
SL6b info:

10pm: Dj Sisou @ Bzoo stage

2am: Dj Sisou @Futurist Stage

Fantasy Faire stuff… Next post will be dedicated to all the cool stuff I got. Even though its over you can still storm the creators’ regular shops 🙂

Posted by: Sisoula | May 31, 2009

Hiring Teachers At the cafe

Looking for teachers and discussion leaders of all kinds. You don’t need to be a professional Sl or Rl teacher. We want smart people who would like to start holding classes in their area of expertise. We especially would like meditation, new age, building and scripting classes but will consider all class ideas.
If interested please send note card to Fairytails Magic Inworld or reply in the comments below.

Please include:
Your Sl name:
SL age:
Pay rate ( be gentle lolz):
Class idea:
Experience in subject:
Whether you have taught in sl before:

Do not apply if you have issues with furries, nekos or fae or humans for that matter.

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Parties, clothes and free sh*T

Too tired to be clever with my titles…

You know you are brain dead when you spin a hillary duff remix  ( yeah, i totally did).


Just came out with New Neko tops. They were totally a happy accident but furry, fuzzy tops for Neko just make sense.
They are 75L each and 250 for color pack. I’m offering a red version for free at shop. So try it out and see if you’d like more colors :))

FairyTails Shop


and… oh yeah. It’s me and what’s his name again’s Anniversary ( not partner anniversary. We Just been together a year. yay). Drop by the party if you got the time. No gifts need just party shoes.

Details: 8pmslt today @ Fairytails Cafe. Dj Amorrose

Posted by: Sisoula | April 1, 2009

The Color of the matter: SL skin color

  • eyez_003** Another title to this post: You don’t even know what Black is***

Ipenda ( paraphrasing), ”  I’ve been noticing that Black women are lighter than I thought”…

I’ve been pushing off this topic because to be blunt when I talk about color/race I prefer to rant without having to listen to any comments.

After all, matters of color discussed in a mixed group can a be yucky muddy territory ( and my eyes can’t take  all the eye rolling).

With that said, No one learns or grows if you aren’t blunt about what bugs you.

When it comes to color in Second life there isn’t much to get under my skin. No weird looks, No discrimination and not much drama.

This could be because no one has a clue that my avatar is suppose to be black.  Usually when I have informed people of this fact, they suggest that I should get a darker skin. Here falls my first issue.

As I told a friend who teleported me to a skin store  to point out the ugliest pitch black * African* skins to me… ” My avatar looks like me. And since I am black then my avatar looks like a *real* black person.”

What so many of my helpful friends fail to understand was that my goal in creating Sicily was to make her look as much like me as possible. It was not to make her so dark that an avie across the sim could tell her fake ethnicity.

Now let me make it clear that it does not bother me if people don’t guess my intended *color*. One, that’s just a dumb thing to care bout. Two, I can hardly tell the color of people’s hair  in SL sometimes.

What bugs me is this idea that blacks are suppose to be darker than dark. As I have said time after time,  It is like people don’t look at us. They just got an image of us stuck in their heads.

Allow me to burst this image for you. Blacks aren’t really Black!! From African-American to African we come in all shades. Yes, Africans come in light too.

Here’s another bubble that needs to be orbited into an Sl vortex. Skin makers don’t make a variety of dark skins because there is less of a demand.

Maybe this is true. But… If it is a demand issue why are the majority of *ebony* skins   super dark brown.

This makes no sense if you are worried about demand. If you can only make one dark skin a medium ( average) brown tone would cater to more people ( From people looking for a African tone to even Latino).

So why do skin makers go to the extreme end when making dark skins?

It’s this image of what people think we look like versus what we *really* look like.

So I challenge you to actually look at and see a real black person before you make your next skin.

None of this is to hate on people who are or just want the dark skinned African look. I wish skin makers would offer at least two shades of * brown*.

I wish regardless of darkness the shading was better. Where are the golden browns, orangey browns and yellow browns? I am sick of blah mud looking brown.

And my final wish is that the ones who do make ebony skins stop using the same shapes with them that they do with the white skins!!

I can’t tell you the number of time I haven’t brought a skin because the picture looked like a Caucasian in black face.

If you want to sell more dark skins to people who want a realistic look… Having a pointed nose on an African skin is a bad idea.

Even if it’s a well-done skin, you are going to get my laughter instead of my money.

Some will say I am being too picky. I bet they will be the same ones who will zoom in on their skins to make sure shading under the arm pit is just right.

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~It’s All in the Eyes~ Windows to the SLoul

minime~eyezIt is a bit of a Pain in the A** when you are trying to create big beautiful eyes inworld like the ones you have in Real Life.

Any who has fought with their eye slider knows… Big and animated eyes have high chances of random bugginess or crazy eyed-ness in certain positions.

It’s enough to make you want to scream…


I feel like such a noob that it just recently accorded to me to upgrade my eye base with more detailed and large size eyes to get the effect I wanted.
Easy as pie! Detailed Eyes and …poof.. Big pretty eyes without the sliding.

Even Jerr looks cuter with his new peekers and I didn’t think that was possible.
New~eyes jerry

My new eyes: Devious ~Hazel Green

Jerr’s: Poetic colors~Poison Ivy

Ipenda’s new eyes: Oh wait! He still has the same ones from 2006!! Damn he is old and stuck in his ways. 😛

Posted by: Sisoula | March 28, 2009

Earth hour: A vote for the Earth

Ipenda: I have to think up something to do for Earth hour. Maybe we’ll do something at Neko?
Sicily: I wish I had the slightest idea what you are talking about. Probably something dorky…

Earth Hour starts day at 8:30 pm (your time)… Just turn off your lights ( yeah, you might have to actually turn off your computer for 60min!!) and capture the moment in some way.

Luckily, Earth hour for Ipenda and I falls before Neko Night so the party is still on. Ipenda has some plan to mark the day by Lighting some lanterns or something during Neko. I don’t know. I wasn’t paying attention.

All I heard was an excuse to make  shirts…


And an excuse to put my new alt in a picture. Ain’t he cutez? *thinks about partnering these two together*

Free Female & Unisex tees @ FairyTails


Female Hair : Panache Hair *WhiteLies*Candie Vonta* Hair Brunette dark

Male hair:Red/Black Renegade Male Hair – Resell

Female skin:Royal Designs Tanned Skin

Male skin:[LeLutka]-ABSOLUTE-pale-hair-faceB_1 (group gift)

Couple Poses:IE crossed friends & friends peace

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Springish enough for u? GoldenEarth Dress

I think I took too many pictures of this one…


I started with an Alicia Keyes’ dress as inspiration but the dress took on a mind of its own…


The top and pants are cop/ mod. Skirt is copy with resizer script for modding…
I tried it out on my big butt main and it worked nicely. 😛



Pic one:
Hair: JUNWAVE- party girl_LightBrown(L)
Skin :[LeLutka]-LondonRevolutionLight

Pic two:
Ears: Psychotic Neko: teddy bear ears
Jewlery: ::69:: Candy Necklace – Gold –
Skin: Ari-licious Designer Skin-Velaska-hair-brown
hair: Eat Rice! Puety – caramel light

Dark skin:
Jewelry: :::(EN)twinkling little star*platinum*SET:::
Hair :AOHARU_HAIR Rianne01d(Black)
Skin: Natural Skin Evo4 – Dark (T20) – L03

pic three:
Hair: ETD Anya – Orange
Jewelery[: LeLutka] GRACE EARRINGS & necklace
Skin :[LeLutka]-LondonRevolutionLight

FairyTails Cafe


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Swooning away: Club review

    swoonI was searching for something to wake me up this morning before the co-working event at the cafe. I had da urge to get my dance on. Luckily, I found a Motown event just about to start.

    Alot of people say that SL is full of R&B and Hip-hop Venues. But they must be playing a different Second life than me. I am always being tpped to rock and trance clubs.

    But can never seem to find a good R&B one ( especially playing old school). So I teleported right away and dragged some friends along.

    Place was crowded. People were nice. The dress code was excellent ( Tasteful Casual)and the music was… let’s  just say everyone was over using the ” I loooove this tune” gesture.

    The Motown event repeats every Thursday at 11-1pm @ Swoon

    I will defintely be going back again and again…

Posted by: Sisoula | March 18, 2009

~Don’t be a freakin Relationship punk~


Stop the BS:

We say it’s a mystery but we are Liars!! We  all know the secret key to a successful relationship is * drum roll* Honesty, duh.

We know we should be blunt and tell our mates what we want, need,demand, hate and expect.  But do we would follow this simple law. Nope. We  are too scared of saying the wrong things and losing our love.

This fear is worst in Second Life because of this unwritten rule that certain things should not be said and everyone should be allowed a sh*tload of secrets. So, you might be thinking if I ask my mate about real life it will turn him/her off ( even if there are things you really want to know)

If you are holding questions back that you are dying to ask your mate.. Let them out.  If you can’t be honest with your partner then you are wasting a lot of effort trying to keep the *wrong* person.

Defining/ questioning and set boundaries:

If you want your relationship to last you must talk about your expectations, plans and boundaries. This will save you future heartache.

Most important SL questions( ask before getting serious or partnering)

1. How much time do you spend in sl and how much time are you able to spend with me? I can’t tell you how many of my SL girl friends bitch about how their guy is either  never inworld or how he has no time to be alone with her in sl. If you partner someone you got a responsibility to spend time with them.

2. What does a Sl relationship mean to you? Partnership? SLMarriage?

3. Do you believe in SLove?

4. Do you want to partner? If you want to partner and they don’t. Run and vice versa. Your friends might tell you that you are thinking too much and Partnership doesn’t matter. But if you want to partner and your mate doesn’t you won’t be  happy. Only you can live your sLife ( unless you give your av away) so don’t let others tell you what’s right for you.

5. Do you want this to lead to Rl relationship? Another deal breaker.

6. Are you single in RL? If you don’t like the answer…Run.

7. How important is SL sex to you?

8. Are you into any Rping? Do you want to adopt? Ask about the stuff that might freak you or your mate out.


There are three types of people:

Type A are always planning ahead in relationships. They want to know in advance if their relationship has potential.

Type Bs just go with the flow and don’t need to know where the relationship is leading.

Type C is a little of both.

A&B should never ever date!! period. Don’t do it. End of advice

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Lights..Action… Grand Opening

Now that I have killed myself trying to get the shop ready… It’s finally time to open the doors.

The Official Grand Opening will be Tomorrow ( March.17) starts at 1pm. To celebrate all shapes will be 50L ( shapes are MOD!!) and clothes half off. Everything under 100L.

Sales/ discounts will last until the next day.

Some of what is currently available:


March group gift


FairyTails Slurl

Xstreet shop

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