Posted by: Sisoula | May 27, 2008

Introducing a SL Misfit

(pic: me-on left and my two sl best friends: zoe-center and Lesil-right)

It has now been eight months inworld for me. Yet, with all I have experienced and all the friends I have gained and lost I feel like a three year old avatar. Unlike most of my friends, I didn’t hop over to second life from another game or have some cool reason for trying second life out. I was hearing a lot about virtual reality games on tv and one day I was bored… and so starts my virtual life. I didn’t have any goals or expectations when I first landed in avatar island. To be honest, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I didn’t expect to become addicted ( and I did quickly), I didn’t plan on dating ( in fact I thought that it was kinda of lame) or experiencing real love towards my sl friends and family. Yet, eight months into what I thought was a game, I have had too many jobs, had my heart broken, had my heart pleasantly stolen, started my own club with lesil, had plenty of drama and found the very best friends that I could ever have. What have I learned?
Only this…there are really two types of second life avatars: the hobby players and Lifers. There are the ones who visit our world went they are bored or restless, who might spend hours upon hours inworld one month and then disppear suddenly when real life becomes more interesting. Then they are the rest of us, who despite how busy our real lives get or how much second life drama comes around ” live” in second life. The ones who “live” inworld keep coming back not due to boredom but because our best friends, our lovers, our family are there. We are the residents who spend xmas with their sl friends and who fall in love with other avatars ( and not just second life love but real love). As someone once told me when I was planning on leaving second life ( we all say that),” Just like with real life you got to take the good with the bad, because this is your LIFE.”


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