Posted by: Sisoula | June 5, 2008

" Don’t shit on the Linden" " Get naked for Obama"

Well, it has been a nutty and fun few days for me in Second life…

This weekend was dedicated to doing a bit of exploring with my bf, Ipenda (aka cents/tail). Saturday, it was off to cinemax island. Nothing much going on here except a huge empty movie theatre in middle of the sim ( not even a skinmax show). Still, I’m sure the theater is awesome when there is a movie. We did manage to find a nice sitting area to chill at while Ipenda played with rendering costs…
Later, that day we took ride though the tunnel of love er..the tunnel of Light ( pictured above). It was a fun six minute ride with a glorious light show…

Yet, exploring wasn’t nearly as exciting as Teagan Linden showing up at Misfits. This was especially amusing since the old Misfits motto was ” F**ck SL and Suck it Lindens.” Luckily, the other owner Lesil wasn’t there because she is addicted to using a tool where she can shit of people. I would have spent the whole night in ims, ” Lesil, Please don’t shit on the Linden. You’re get banned.” Unfortunately, Teagan was an awesome guest because it almost killed my hatred of the powers that be… Almost…

The only thing that could top a Linden at Misfits was Obama becoming the presumptive dem. nominee and an Obama nut owner ( me, of course) throwing a random Obama  party. So  ” fired up” over Obama’s victory, I gave a 1000L for the neko party’s contest board. A few Obama Misfits party hardcore with Obama flags waving and wearing Obama fired up shirts ( made by my Cents.) My McCain  supporting British friend was there dressed up ( in his words) as Obama. ” His Obama” was him wearing a white and black  ghetto outfit ( twat). He was told by me that he looked more like a gay retard Vanilla-hammer ice…
 Along with quoting Obama slogans all night, “The notices are practicing the politics of the past by not going through.” There were also a  few ” Woo get naked” gestures followed by comments like ” Get naked for Obama.”


  1. Ha! When you sum up our week in one post, it almost looks like we were busy. 😛
    (A post covering all of that in my writing style, would’ve scrolled for 3-4 pages. Well done)

  2. Ack! I guess I was in the right place at the right time, I avoided all the poop!

    Thanks for a fun party ^_^

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