Posted by: Sisoula | July 15, 2008

Misfits Highlights ( wk: 07/08)

bella misfit sign_010 Bella says ” Come on in… Time for sum misbehavin…”

What was broken: The contest had a nice bug where after selecting split mode it would change to top winner. A few days later, the board decided to change the win mode and not pay anyone… as the lindens say problem is now ( resolved).

Best PG Line: ” Sleep is rl lag”

Best R-rated Line( children/ child avs look away): Something about ” Irish fresh spunk”

Best song: Milkshake-Calvary kids played by DJ Chilly

Weirdest person: A noob who I couldn’t tell if she was really short or a child avatar. Want to make people think you are strange? Walk around aimlessly and don’t say hello even if they welcome you.

Biggest stress : A DJ ( Brandon Kessel) lying about having stream problems so he could skip out of work. He finally admit he wanted time with his mate and has yet to pay the club back the L for the shift he didn’t do.

Best moment: DJ Chilly bitching about me requesting ” Jessy’s girl” on mic. ” Sisters can be annoying…”

Crazy thing I did: Lol, showing up as two of my alts and doing a line dance with them…

stop by and enjoy the chaos…


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