Posted by: Sisoula | July 17, 2008

Me and My complicated relationships

( pic : Midget zoe and me before our rl bday party in Sl)

If you looked up my profile in Sl a couple weeks ago you would probably become instantly confused on the matter of my relationship status( if you cared that is). For a good while, I was partnered to Zoe. In fact, most of the time I have been dating Ipenda I was partnered to a girl (poor Panda bear)…

I met Zoe back in November 07′ when I join a writing group called the Sl wrimos. We bonded quickly over late night writing sessions. We became such close friends that we had a duo birthday party, moved in together and began joking about being married. I referred to Zoe as ” my wife” and she would lovingly call me, ” Hubby.” This is only amusing if you are aware that while I am a girl in both worlds, Zoe is in fact a female avatar who is male in real life (not to mention he is happily married).
One day while hanging with Zoe at her Dublin, I started complaining about that she hadn’t proposed to me. Minutes later, I received my proposal,”will you stop whining now.” As revenge and to Zoe’s surprise, I accepted the partnership! Our partnership lasted longer than most mainly because we had a bet of pride on who will divorce first.

Sadly, my wife and best friend’s  died in Second Life( aka became crash central). Being the good friend and Widow, I threw Zoe a wake at my club ( with a 1000L contest for best in mourning)… Sam ( alt of dead Zoe) enjoyed it except her annoyance at the cake being a wedding cake ( giggle). A good time was had by all at Zoe’s expense. But sadly at the end of the party Zoe’s ghost ( rl self) Un-partnered me. Unpartnering can be sad unless you know your best friend is purposely losing a war of pride so you can be happy with your true mate ( Ipenda)… No Lesson to this rant except sometimes partners aren’t what they seem in second life and in both worlds good friends make the best partners ( and partners in



  1. Awww. What a sweet eulogy. Thanks.

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