Posted by: Sisoula | July 20, 2008

Couple of the wk: Mating cats

on the cat swin with j_015, originally uploaded by fallingwings.

Yiffy!! I’m so excited that my dear friend Rosie had gotten partnered. This couple is proof of two things: if its meant to be it will be and even destined love needs hard work and commitment…

What do they got that makes it work:

Time: A lot of the fail partnerships seem to be due to jumping in too quick. Too many partner after 2 wks of dating!! These two are on solid ground after dating almost one year. Yes, this is my sneaky way of saying stop getting hitched after a week crazies!!
Culture: Sure, its fine if a human and a demon fall in love but staying in the same species in just easier( giggle)… Two nekos in love just work…
Work: Working together will either drive you nuts or bond you. Rosie is a DJ at her mate’s club.

So when is the party ? As of now, there isn’t going be a wedding. We’ll see if the girl doesn’t change her mind. But you know Im gonna throw a hot party at Misfits… There be cool pictures of that for later blogging. lol


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