Posted by: Sisoula | August 1, 2008

Meeting ur Sl/online Love


Well, its been a while since I have last posted. I blame the cat!! Since, my Neko kidnapped and brought me to his real life apartment. It’s been hard to stay active in second life not to mention trying to blog( stupid rl). But my best friends, Sl family, dream home and dream business are all inworld. So I will find reasons to still explore and blog even when my cute kitty is beside me…
It seems an appropriate time to write a post about meeting your Sl or online mate in real life. I’m only give suggestions based on my experience…

1. Before even committing to someone in Sl make sure you are compatible. If you are single and looking for real connection but the person you are dating is married! Run!! Cents and I are both single and the same age group… had those factors not been true we wouldn’t even talked about meeting in RL.
2. Get to know the person in SL before you talk about real life or meeting up in real life. This advice I didn’t follow.. we were yahooing, sharing facebook and talking about real life right away. but in most cases I think it best to be patient if you and your mate hit it off. Slowly you will talk about real life. Remember some people are open books and others are cautious…
3. Now, that you are a serious second life couple. Be a BS detector You aren’t going to know everything about a person in a few months or years. But ask all the questions you need too.

3b: Once you start talking about meeting you want to  get alot of real information to make sure this person is telling the truth about who she/he is. Before we met I had cents’ online profiles, knew where he worked , had his cell and seen him on webcam.
You may want to be safe and not be too specific about things like where each other works or address. But, you can still get enough information about the person where you feel comfortable that they aren’t lying to you!! Must do: Hear them on voice, see them on cam or lots of pictures , know their sl friends and have their cell number ( if you  are scared of them having that.. Don’t meet!!).
4: Wait until the time is right. Depending on how much time you spent together and talk this could be a year or a couple of months. Don’t rush it because you are lonely or horny
5:Don’t plan on having sex. Keep expectations low. Just two friends meeting and getting to know each other. Maybe you will be surprised if you not over thinking.
6. If you have the normal nerves (” What if we aren’t attracted to each other”) talk about it to your mate. Cents was great about knocking me out of freak out mood…
6. Met at a secure place!! We meet at my house. Do as I say that as I do. * giggle*
7. Trust your gut and you sl friends. My family and RL friends were worried about Cents being a serial killer. But, I have talked to this man more than I have talked to anyone. I had no fears. My Sl friends who knew him also had no worries. You know if you can trust a person or if its a bad idea… the trick is not lying to yourself. THERE WERE NO RED FLAGS or bad SIGNS in our relationship when we met. Make sure you can say the same before you take that leap…


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