Posted by: Sisoula | August 3, 2008

Sisou Clubbin hoppin…

What do I do best in Second Life besides drive my bf nuts? Clubbin and dancin… 

Here are some clubs I bursted in on yesterday…


4pm: I dropped by the Reopening of Senses stimulating Seduction . It’s was carnavale theme meaning formal wears and weird masks. I’ve been to Senses a few times when I receive a notice that my friend Noxie was Djing. What’s awesome about this place is that they always have big contests like 2000L or 4000L events. But more importantly, the scenery is pretty, the staff is fun and polite and the music is great.



7pm: My man finally came home from his silly rl job and after some rl dinner we decided to go clubbin.  When Ipenda was searching events I said, ” Put in Best in red,” Because I’m lazy and thats what I had on.  So, a 500L best in red contest brought us to Samhain Nightclub. Samhain in my book gets two negative points for having two many strippers and getting the meaning of Samhain incorrect ( Samhain is not a god’s name as their group pg states. Just a celtic and modern pagan sabbat/festival). But brownies points for an fabulous looking club ( that allowed me to get some great pictures) and for having alot of hot ass dances. This is the place to go if you want to Be * put in the mood*.  Dancing there encouraged some flirty ims between the tail and me…

Samhain’s calendar

At blueberry chillin

9pm: Before going to my own club for neko night. We stopped by Blueberry Hill to kill some time. I am a little bias( because I dance, DJ and host there) when I say Blueberry is one of the best clubs in Second Life. It’s the home of the Pappy daddy and the Papp daddy dancers and venue for the hot internet radio station: Bzoo. If you stop by any weekday morning, you will find the  place packed with avatars having a crazy fun time. There are also night events like Naughty friday  at 9pm and I Dj there at 7pm-9pm on wednesday. Also, you can listen to the Bzoo radio anytime on your media player or add it to your land radio…


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