Posted by: Sisoula | August 6, 2008

This week @Misfits (07-28 -08-04)


What was broken:  Ipenda ( and for now my) internet connection. Service dropped the last ten minutes I was Djing Sunday. We couldn’t get back on…Luckily the contest money had already went out so I am sure no one cared.

Best PG Line:  “People eat hangurger and frites with folks and knifs”.

Best R-rated Line( children/ child avs look away): Something about Ipenda and Bananas

Best song: Kiss me- New found glory played by DJ Compulov

Weirdest person:  Kayna because she won the weirdest person contest by riding on a  lounger with mini slaves…

Biggest stress :  Having the grind go to pieces before a new event.

Best moment:  When Ipenda got dared to kiss the next stranger who walked into the club

Crazy thing I did: Griefing Ipenda… first setting him on fire and then tagging him with butthole

stop by and enjoy the chaos… Misfits New Location!!


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