Posted by: Sisoula | August 12, 2008

Social & Dating Boundaries

three is a crowd
For personal reasons, I have decided it would be a good idea to blog about social boundaries and etiquette. The more time I spend in second life or dealing with second life within real life, I am finding that many residents have problems with social manners. As my personal rant, I am listing some of * what I think should be rules* when singles and non-singles interact… You can bitch me out in comments if you think I am wrong about any of these.

Rule 1: Check a person’s profile before hitting on them!! Don’t waste your time or theirs if they are happily involved.
Rule 1a: If they are partnered or mention a mate. Don’t proceed on trying to * seduce them*. If they have taken the time to mention someone on their profile, they are probably not interested in cheating. In fact, chances are they mention their lover to keep weirdos like you from bugging them. If you are confused about their relationship status ( perhaps you are thinking their partner is a business partner) just ask instead of assuming…
Rule 2: Don’t dance or get too close to a person in second life unless they are your mate or the place is crowded. Its creepy when a stranger in rl stands way too close to a person. This is also true in second life…
Rule 3: Don’t try to kiss, hug , bite or ( insert here) someone you don’t know or barely know. Ex:I had a stranger try to bite me when I was clearly standing right next to my mate.
Rule 4: Read tags carefully. If you are at a club with strippers… flirt with and try to get the strippers naked but hmmm… maybe the person wearing the DJ tag doesn’t want to be treated like a stripper ( esp. since they ain’t getting stripper pay)
Rule 5: If you aren’t going to date it is ok to hide your rl sex and relationship status but once you are dating you need to be honest. Virtual reality often creates real feelings.
Rule 6: If you have a sl mate * who knows* you are taken in rl. It is not ok to show your rl mate things that are happening with your sl mate. Moments between you two should be private.
Rule 6a: You are an asshole if you used a person/s in sl to help with your real sexual problems with your rl partner. Ex.: Married people agreeing to fuck around in sl to amuse themselves. But hey if the other people agree to that its fine!!
Rule 7: Things that are acceptable in second life * aren’t* always acceptable in real life. Ex: If your friend of the opposite sex is inworld at 3 am its fine to im him or her. But that doesn’t meant texting him/her at 3 am in real life while his/her partner is around is ok.
Rule 8: Sexually explicit ims inworld or outworld to people in relationship are dumb and rude because that person’s mate can easily * see* them if they live together or use the same computer. Even if you are joking… well jokes don’t always come through in text, dumbass!!

Can you tell I have had to deal with all the above? morons…. you got any additions let me know in the comments.


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