Posted by: Sisoula | August 16, 2008

Misfits: last two weeks of hell & glory

Dj amo's last day

What was broken: The schedule read on…
Best PG Line: Naw, they were all dirty!!
Best R-rated Line( children/ child avs look away): I said ” I have never ate pussy.” and got a response from Snow( full name not mention to protect the innocent * coughs*…Snow pulls down her pants and says, ” You have now.”

Weirdest person: A noob( and I mean full blown noob) who was hitting on one of our poor regulars… I believe he told her something about playing hard to get and she informed him that he was sadly mistaken.

Biggest stress : DJ Amorrose leaving Misfits until December, Ipenda and me going out of town therefore not being able to work this weekend, Dj Comp being out of town therefore not being able to Dj and Dj/owner hawk having real life conflicts too. I just decided ” screw it we are taking a week off”. It’s good be * the decider*

Best moment: The Monday party which was also Dj Amorrose last day until December. She played her sisou playlist. yay!!

Crazy thing I did: I ran out on Ipenda ( moving into another room in real life) because * Mr. wonder bread* kept saying things like ” yo”. Then  I announced to everyone in chat the ” my boyfriend is going to the highest bidder.”

stop by and enjoy the chaos… Misfits New Location!!


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