Posted by: Sisoula | September 11, 2008

Returning to virtual love…


Yesterday was kind of my return to Second Life. Well, I never really left it. But while I spent almost two months living with Ipenda it became ( for once) secondary to real life. I still logged in to work or to build or keep my club from burning down. But playtime went from hanging out at clubs and exploring to cuddling and laughing with my mate. For awhile I actually felt like real life was much better than Second Life ( shocker). But as Nelly Furtado said” All good things come to an end”…

When I returned home from my long vacation with Ipenda I didn’t want to think about going back to living in Second Life. It was too depressing to think about only having virtual contact with my mate. But last night as I hung out at my club with Ipenda ( who was hosting) my moodiness dissipated a bit.
In a way even though my boyfriend is 12 hrs away from me I am lucky. Lucky because unlike most long distance couples we have SL to keep us connected. As great as iming, texts and phone calls are, Second Life offers a certain amount of intimacy you can’t get from other communication tools. Sure, you can’t beat holding your lover’s hand in real life but at least I can have a virtual slow dance. At least we can have shared experiences together like watching a movie or hanging with friends. These small things can mean the difference between a couple growing together or growing apart…


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