Posted by: Sisoula | September 15, 2008

New beginnings…

new land_007

It was a hard choice because I loved my little club but about a week ago I decided to close Misfits Underground. It wasn’t because of money problems. Even though I was throwing my L away on it I didn’t mind as long as I was having fun. But when I was stressing more than having a good time I knew it was time to move on…

For every door that closes, the Goddess throws you out the window ( or something like that). Anyway, I can’t help it that I love having my own business so now Ipenda and I are opening FairyTails Cafe & Shop. It will have our products, Ipenda’s will be performing his cello pop and as I promised my Misfits Saturday Night will be Neko night…

But mainly it will be a chillout spot for couples, Nekos, Faires and Creatures…

Of course we just got the land so there is only a single cafe table, chair and this awesome weeping willow ( my fav tree)

new land_004

More photos latas as the project continues…


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