Posted by: Sisoula | September 22, 2008

Dj Sisou’s Playlist

ccatsamhain_001 If you are a SL’er  especially a SL DJ your are probably a music nut. After all, just imagine Sl before the music. *Scary*
I am always looking for more songs to add to my itunes  when I go to the club.  I know many of you like to zoom in on the DJ’s board to find out what they are playing too..

Well, here are some of the songs in my que no zooming needed…

Second Life Classics:

( if you are a DJ…these are the songs you will get sick of  but a must have. If you are not a DJ… make a your DJ ex- boyfriend scream by requesting one of these over and over again)

Crazy Bitch & Sorry by Buckcherry

Naughty Sexy bitchy me by Tata Young

Save a Horse, Ride a cowboy- Big and Rich

Shake that ass-Eminem & Nate Dogg

Avatar by Foolish

Animal & Rockstar by Nickleback ( actually everything by Nickleback)

Kissed a girl-Katy Perry ( try the Jason Nevins Remix)

Bilingual (Dirty Mix)-Jose nunez

My all time favorite songs

Party people-Missy elliot

Suddenly I see & Black Horse and a Cherry Tree- Kt Tunstall

Single, Pocket full of sunshine & These words- Natasha Bedingfield

If-Janet jackson

Pussy Licker-Rob zombie

Awesome mixes ( get your Limewire Frostwire shareware mp3 fiesta out to find these..)

Shakira Q mix

Sos Rescue me ( nevin’s glam mix)- Rihanna

COUNTRY CLUBLAND  Dolly Parton – working 9 to 5(Dance Remix)

99 problems Vs Voodoo child

Wonderwall Vs. Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Snoop dogg vs Gun & Roses

Fav New uploads

American Boy (Radio Edit w/ Kanye)- Estelle

Quando Quando Quando- Michael Buble ft. Nelly Furtado


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