Posted by: Sisoula | October 5, 2008

Need for huggles and lovels…

It’s good to be held when you are feeling low…


Been a crappy week for my poor Avatar. First her owner’s mac starts having power problems and now the windows that she uses to play inworld and to Dj is…. well… may it rest in piece. Yesterday, I did alot of bitching because now I am down to a  half- functioning mac that hates SL. I see my Virtual Life slipping away…

And even worst soon my mac will go and then I’m doom to No Internet at all until I can afford a new laptop *SCREAMS*

But as shitty fuckered difficult as things are at the moment, I shouldn’t forget that in both worlds I am still lucky.

At the very least  I know I will not lose my mate if my SL world crumbs…

And for now even though I can’t tp or send notecards, I can still log in for needed cuddles


It sucks not to  be able to DJ for awhile because I love sharing good songs…

So here is a good one that  had the perfect advice for my current situation…


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