Posted by: Sisoula | October 15, 2008

A simple virtual week…

For someone with a troubled computer and  who can’t get into SL as much as she likes…

It has been a pretty crazy and productive week or so.

On the 9th, after  waiting forever planning old maid hood six months of dating, I got partnered to Ipenda. Our lovely date at Mystique could be a post in itself. But my mate already wrote a detailed post I can’t compare with.  I will just say it is a perfect romantic spot for any couples looking to  have virtual get busy have fun. And… I will also say I couldn’t be happier and it was worth the wait to find the perfect SL mate.

We are almost done  with our cafe. Yesterday, we added bubbles chairs ( thanks to Baking cupcakes blog for the post on them).bubblechair_006

Now we are debating on which chairs to get for the main cafe area. Elven or fairy tree chairs.. Too many choices!!

Everyone can come check Fairytails cafe out on my rezzday. Bring friends… here’s the open invitation:


With everything going on ( because I have no RL) I was still able  to make a new shape. The Fiona shape comes with a skin created using Splendorskin. psd files with my own adjustments added to make the *look* I was aiming for.


Actually, I own a lot of my productive to my plurkline. After all, I get a lot of good suggestions for places and things through plurks and plurkers’ blog. Thanks guys and gals 🙂

Last item on to do list: write a blog.  Sicily heartsdale checks it off


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