Posted by: Sisoula | October 26, 2008

Dance, party, create & love

Another busy week in SL (should spend more time looking for a job)…
At least I have got a good SL job. I am so happy to be Djing again especially at Midnight jazz.

Doesn’t it look like I am working hard?


Had my rezzday party on the 18 th. It was *way* better than I expected. I assumed that since so many of Sl friends had left Second life that the party would be lame. Besides, my RL bday party in Sl had strippers, cages, pillow fights and my now Sl-dead Best friend Zoe ( was also her bday party).

So this party couldn’t compare. I was wrong. Most of my current SL buddies showed up, the music was great… AND somehow towards the end it turned into a lovey- dovey cuddle party

Ipenda and I just bring out the romantic nature of everyone


I got to say I am thrilled that I finished my dog skin which is suppose to resemble my RL dog. Sadly, I couldn’t find any good dog ears.. So I put on a free  Primalot pussycat av with the skin…

I think its pretty cute for a first skin so I am going to put it up for sale at Fairytails. I think 10L since its my first real skin.

hmm… I think that wraps up my week. Time to go lose my soul in SL some more….


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