Posted by: Sisoula | November 19, 2008

I Do ( always)

Sicily & Ipenda 001

Well, I haven’t written a blog post in a while. But can you blame me? Not only  have I spent my nights at SL nanowrimo sim to write my novel I have also been planned a handfasting *screams*….

Sicily & Ipenda 009
We ambitiously gave ourselves two weeks to plan the the whole thing. Thinking it would be a snap to plan an SL wedding. My friends clearly did not think it would be so easy.  They kept asking me until I was walking down the aisle, ” Are you ok? Are you stressed? Got jitters.” Yes, even when I was about to walk a flood of ims from considered friends came in.
But I was fine… no stress.. well except for that Damn wedding dress.
Sicily & Ipenda 004
I looked through every picture on shop.onrez and Sl exchange. I got to say Sl designers you really take after Rl wedding dress designers. Too much lace and fluff ( no offense). But I decided go for the one my man likes… It was about * us* after all.
Hence, why there weren’t many Jitters…. I am in love with this Man in every world and every way.
Sicily & Ipenda 011
With that said… As soon as we were walking to amos lee-in the arms of a woman, My heart jumped out of my stomach and started doing cartwheels. I was almost to tears before we were on the gazebo pose ball. Whether in was nerves about the ritual going well or just the emotion of the event, I did not calm down until my vows were done. Then, I was back to my joking self but inside I was amazed (in shock) to be so lucky.

Sicily & Ipenda 013

The whole event went perfectly from ceremony to the music to just having all my family and friends share it the moment. But still the best part of getting married ( even in SL) is not the wedding… it’s the every day of being * his* wife and Partner. Well, that and the honeymoon.

Photo credit:Laylinha Tomsen


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