Posted by: Sisoula | December 7, 2008

Party Cat is back…

I have be slacking on the clubbin dept.


Which is bad because this blog is partly about the SL nightlife. There are enough blogs telling you what to wear but what about where to get your dance on…

So, it’s time to get back to being a club hopper so I can let you guys know what cool places or events I find… And I can steal find New songs ( and maybe some Dj gigs..anyone hiring? :P)

So,Psychotic had a Neko event on the shop’s roof.  It seemed like a good excuse to take my caged alt out for once. So I slipped into my Neko persona to check the party out.

Now, I can’t rate  the music since it was Industrial/electro ( not my style) but if that’s what you like.. DJ Slider ( the Dj on Fridays) is your man.

Either way if you are a neko it is worth joining the Psychotic Neko Group and going to their clubs events.  There are plenty of ways to get freebies at the store & I got a 300L Gift card just for joining the  Neko contest. The winner got a giftcard and 1000L ( whoa!)… And brownie points for a unlaggy and pretty rooftop club.

There will be another Neko Contest on the roof this fri @ 1pm slt plus they have Neko events from 1-4am at Club industry (Join Group for info)



  1. Hey great find and tip… hope you don’t mind my adding this to my Events/Club page? :-)) Though I have to admit I still miss Neko nights at Misfits…. if you guys ever do a club again, please do let me know. : hugs :

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