Posted by: Sisoula | December 11, 2008

New happenings @FairyTails Cafe

Got a few new things going on a the cafe. Darn wouldn’t it be great if wordpress would let me freaking use google cal!!

Oh, don’t have a google cal for the cafe. I should get on that 😛

Anyway, new stuff

New parcel(addition):  I& S parcel  next door to the cafe is done ( i think)…

Ipenda was nice to keep objects on for Fariytails Group members(tag on). So not only can you camp there ( no camping chairs… The theme is an actual camp site!!) but you can also open/build small packets. Clean up though plz… ( is on right side of cafe/stage tree house build)

New event: Co working event is going to be recurring. Now at 5pm this thursday. HAng out and work on any RL or Sl work.

Coming up: Yule/my bday party  ( Probably dec 21@ 8pm) with DJ Hawk. More details latas

Still happening

Sat Neko Party: Every Sat @1opm with DJ Jester

Still Looking for Live performers!! Get a recurring gig at Cafe.. Im Sicily Heartsdale or Ipenda Keynes.

FairyTails CAfe Slurl


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