Posted by: Sisoula | December 16, 2008

More me… because you can’t get enough


A while back Vint did a post sharing her social networks. I had planned on doing the same. Instead I did what I do best: got distracted and forget. But since I am extremely lazy and still want to do a post. Here are my social Identities

SL: Sicily Heartsdale ( if you didnt know)…add me but im me too ( is paranoid of horny random males adding me)


Lastfm: fallingwings

blipfm: Sisou

nanowrimo: fallingwings

facebook ( I have always been strangely open about my RL in Sl and other networks. Facebook has been the only social network I have kinda keep secret. Simply because I am Old fashion about facebook. Facebook by default gets very personal…some ppl even have real addresses.  At the very least facebook is a bit pointless if you looking to meet strangers and have a secret identity ( my opinion)…so since it was for meeting classmates it has my RL name and school. But I got nothing crazy on there and I have alreay accepted SL friends invites. so add me :))

twitter: fallingwings


plurk: Sisou

Youtube: Sisouland

I am probably forgetting some places but I am pretty much Fallingwings or Sisou everywhere


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