Posted by: Sisoula | December 16, 2008

This week @Fairytails ( Updated Again)

Look we got to have a little talk about you not posting my events,” Sicily says hitting the website with a chair, ” I know it is a Linden blocking my posting and I know who!!” ( darn Ipenda & his cuteness!!! always causing troubles.)

Anywho, there are a few changes and new things going on at the cafe…

This week @ Fairytails…

SISOU Cal including Fairytails Events and when I am Djing

Thursday: Coworking has moved to Every thursday at noon slt ( until we change the time again.) Please read Ipenda’s post on what co-working event is

Sat: Neko Party will be @10pm as usual. 500L best Neko with DJ Jester

***Cafe is moving to Devine. I&S parcel which allows building perms for group members is still on Resol.

*** New parcel right next to I&S: Sicily and Ipenda’s Om Garden. Just a place to  relax or meditate.

*** We are still looking for live performers from musicians to poets. Im Sicily Heartsdale or Ipenda Keynes and we’ll find a slot for your talent.

***Taking suggestions on events, classes or discussions you would like to see at the cafe. Ex: Singles mixture, a building class, artist workshop, scripting clas, etc. Gimme your ideas in the comments or nc me inworld.


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