Posted by: Sisoula | December 17, 2008

How to meet someone to virtual with…


It’s been awhile since I have wrote a post dealing with Second life relationships. So here is one on my favorite subjects: the sap….

Whether you are looking for a booty call , a SL relationship or a mate in both worlds I bet you are wondering how do I meet someone in SL?

If you are looking for just sex I probably can’t help you there ( how to get da booty is not my expertise). But I am guessing there our a few rping communities where you can find some easy tail (What? You know its true!!)

Anyway, I can only give suggestions on how to meet possible dates or mates… Finding a person who wants what you want is a different more complex blog. Here are a few ideas on how to meet people ( and I do mean a few)…

*Play SL alot

When I met Ipenda I was worried about my mother’s reaction to how we met. A Sl friend had some wise words for me. ” Where did she think you were going to met a guy? You are always on SL. Of course that’s where you will meet a guy.”

I had never thought of it that way. I was never planning on starting a real life relationship with a SL guy. But the truth was I played so much the likelihood of me meeting someone inworld was much better than me meeting someone in RL.

So if you want a SL mate just play the game and hang out at a lot of different places. The more you play the more people you will meet. Just got to be patient.

** Work!!

I can’t say it enough times. Even if you have a lot real life money your SL social life will improve if you get a SL job. Even just one day a week. My dearest friends I met at my first job. And friends sometimes turn into more or  they introduce you to possible mates. My friend Lesil  introduced me to my first SL Bf. If I never had a job I wouldn’t have met her or met my first bf ( we can debate later if that was a good thing).

*** Do your thing

Get a business, DJ, do classes or whatever your thing is. While you are running your business or Djing at clubs  you are going to met a lot people. And more importantly people are going to want to meet and get to know you. Who is that girl Djing?  Who is the Guy who owns this place? If you a guy..let’s face it girls want the dude with the power, the business or who is just good at something.

I met Ipenda at my old club that I owned. We had a Neko Night and he got bored and came to one of events.

So do your thing and put yourself out there… they will come!!

What didn’t work for me? Where couldn’t I meet decent guys?

Lol, jazz clubs and when I was a pole dancer ( shh..not stripper).  Just like in RL you  don’t want to date the  desperate guy or gal from the bar or a guy who was interested in you because you were swinging on a pole.

I find that the accident- we- just -happened -to -be- in- the- same- place or my- friend- knew -you relationships tend to be the best.

Any better ideas. Please comment…


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