Posted by: Sisoula | January 5, 2009

Profile the Gender wars

profilewars *Rated B: This Post contains brattiness*

Ipenda got into to deadly serious trouble because he does not have a *Special* folder in reader for my blogs.

“You don’t blog enough to get one,” He said and some other blah blah blah…

Fine. Here is  a blog post and one that insults him and well all SL-men.

Unlike my counterpart, my reader has a special place for him named ” My bf’s blogs”. My tweetdeck ( for twitter) used to have a special group just for him called “Important.” Then I found out that my love had no group for me so

What  does this got to do with sl ? If you are a Profile stalker like me than you may have noticed a strange difference between genders and their profiles.  There have been a rare exception here and there but for the most part Profiles fall on gender lines.

Females in a relationship put their mates all over their profile. Usually the first line is I love blah, I am with Blah, blah makes shit taste like candy followed by a poem about him or her and lots of couple pics in the picks.

Males.. umm.. how should I put this? You need a flashlight and Indiana Jones to find where they hide their mate information. It  is usually mentioned in a pick with a nice picture of them  or the last line in their about or nowhere to be found except maybe in the partner section.

When we first got SL-married my about section’s first line  was something like Married to Ipenda, my reason for living and heaven on earth *coughs* with hearts around it of course.

His about had after detailing that he was a teacher, musician and blah blah stated in the last line handfasted to Sicily <-avoidance of the word Married.

” I use my Profile like a business card. That’s why I put that I am teacher and Musician first.” He said

I said rolling my eyes at him,” You don’t do any SL work! I work in SL. I Dj and do stuff. You only log in to be with me.  I am the one who should use it as business card. Your only job is to be *my* Housewife”

I don’t actually doubt his affection for me or  the love of other sl men for their mates. Yet, It is fascinating  that women ( even in sl) are so comfortable defining themselves by their relationship. Even in the virtual world it seems that women rate success by our relationships. Yet, men define themselves by their skills…even in Ipenda’s case when He ain’t using those skills (ha!) still uses them to establish his SL Identity.

I haven’t the slightest clue if our different priorities and approaches might  be the cause of the high  break up and Sl-divorce rate but it is damn interesting.


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