Posted by: Sisoula | January 13, 2009

New Jingley toy & New Look


I knew I wanted to change my theme. It just wasn’t me: too plain and not overly obsessively blue. Ocean was the perfect choice for a girl named after an Island. But that meant changing my header. Oh noes! I had not the slightest clue what I wanted it to look like.

But I knew I needed something to match the new colors better than old one. Yet, as great as gimp is I can’t color pick from a website. This has been a problem a few times now so I finally decided to upload Jing. This application saves snapshots of your screen ( It has a Mac version that works with my Os 10.4 which makes it extra awesome). Ipenda has been using it for awhile but since I don’t do tutorials I never saw a use for it.

I was so wrong. I got my snapshot, uploaded it to gimp, used color picker and edited the picture I wanted to match the background colors. Now I got a pretty new header that doesn’t stick out like a thumb…


Photo credit: Header is edited version of my wedding pic taken by Laylinha Tomsen


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