Posted by: Sisoula | March 18, 2009

~Don’t be a freakin Relationship punk~


Stop the BS:

We say it’s a mystery but we are Liars!! We  all know the secret key to a successful relationship is * drum roll* Honesty, duh.

We know we should be blunt and tell our mates what we want, need,demand, hate and expect.  But do we would follow this simple law. Nope. We  are too scared of saying the wrong things and losing our love.

This fear is worst in Second Life because of this unwritten rule that certain things should not be said and everyone should be allowed a sh*tload of secrets. So, you might be thinking if I ask my mate about real life it will turn him/her off ( even if there are things you really want to know)

If you are holding questions back that you are dying to ask your mate.. Let them out.  If you can’t be honest with your partner then you are wasting a lot of effort trying to keep the *wrong* person.

Defining/ questioning and set boundaries:

If you want your relationship to last you must talk about your expectations, plans and boundaries. This will save you future heartache.

Most important SL questions( ask before getting serious or partnering)

1. How much time do you spend in sl and how much time are you able to spend with me? I can’t tell you how many of my SL girl friends bitch about how their guy is either  never inworld or how he has no time to be alone with her in sl. If you partner someone you got a responsibility to spend time with them.

2. What does a Sl relationship mean to you? Partnership? SLMarriage?

3. Do you believe in SLove?

4. Do you want to partner? If you want to partner and they don’t. Run and vice versa. Your friends might tell you that you are thinking too much and Partnership doesn’t matter. But if you want to partner and your mate doesn’t you won’t be  happy. Only you can live your sLife ( unless you give your av away) so don’t let others tell you what’s right for you.

5. Do you want this to lead to Rl relationship? Another deal breaker.

6. Are you single in RL? If you don’t like the answer…Run.

7. How important is SL sex to you?

8. Are you into any Rping? Do you want to adopt? Ask about the stuff that might freak you or your mate out.


There are three types of people:

Type A are always planning ahead in relationships. They want to know in advance if their relationship has potential.

Type Bs just go with the flow and don’t need to know where the relationship is leading.

Type C is a little of both.

A&B should never ever date!! period. Don’t do it. End of advice


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