Posted by: Sisoula | June 24, 2009

Renewed & a Neko summer

The quiet has ended…
I was having a semi break from a stressed out second life. Well, that over…Here comes the SL week from hell.

It all starts with my deadline to finish the shop and my new neko dress. Yeppers the shop reopened on the 22 and we have a new dress line. After all, Nekos need summer dresses too.
Neko summer Dress
We also added some dollarbie  salsa dresses & the june group gift is out (Fairy poses)…

So check that off my list. Next redecorating the Cafe for the summer. The Fantasy Faire made decorating pretty easy.  Now, Cafers got a new butterfly ride, Harp and more to play with!!

So all done with the cafe and shop for this week. But there’s now rest for the wicked since my Sl6b djing slots starts to day.  Holy shit at 10pm and 2am today. I might need to start  drinking coffee.

Fairytails Info:
SL6b info:

10pm: Dj Sisou @ Bzoo stage

2am: Dj Sisou @Futurist Stage

Fantasy Faire stuff… Next post will be dedicated to all the cool stuff I got. Even though its over you can still storm the creators’ regular shops 🙂


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