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New Sh*t at FairyTails Cafe

Keeping a small schedule until after SL6B…

Current events @ Fairytails:

Thursday @3pm: FacelessApe (Live Musician)

Sats @9pm: NEko/Fairy party w/ Dj Amo & Jester (600L contest)

FairyTails Cafe slurl

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Happy V-day. Hope you catch Love

Happy Valentines day Everyone. To celebrate the love we are hosting a 1000L Best in red contest at Fairytails (10pmslt)!! Love tunes and Chillout with Dj Amorrose. Sorry to the kittens because this is replacing Neko night just this week. It will return next week…

I wasn’t going to do any group gifts for Valentines since I’m still working to get the shop up and running. But last night I decide to stay up late and do a shirt of group members. well, the ladies. I couldn’t come with a Good shirt with men.


I know my lazy photoshoping ( acutally gimping) makes this easy to rip off but * shrugs*
You can get in free by Joining Fairytails Cafe Group

FairyTails SlurL

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New Jingley toy & New Look


I knew I wanted to change my theme. It just wasn’t me: too plain and not overly obsessively blue. Ocean was the perfect choice for a girl named after an Island. But that meant changing my header. Oh noes! I had not the slightest clue what I wanted it to look like.

But I knew I needed something to match the new colors better than old one. Yet, as great as gimp is I can’t color pick from a website. This has been a problem a few times now so I finally decided to upload Jing. This application saves snapshots of your screen ( It has a Mac version that works with my Os 10.4 which makes it extra awesome). Ipenda has been using it for awhile but since I don’t do tutorials I never saw a use for it.

I was so wrong. I got my snapshot, uploaded it to gimp, used color picker and edited the picture I wanted to match the background colors. Now I got a pretty new header that doesn’t stick out like a thumb…


Photo credit: Header is edited version of my wedding pic taken by Laylinha Tomsen

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How be a long distant Love Swan


So you met on Second life, Wow,, Scary black planet or a random chat room while you were searching for teenagers ( hoping not to get caught by dateline)…
You are in love now and spending all your online time together. One day you will be living together or maybe married and happily ever after.
But in the meantime when you are miles or maybe even oceans apart how do  you keep the love alive?

By taking advantage of that same great technology that brought you together. If you want to keep your Love life fun and exciting even from a distant try using simple communication tools in new ways.

Tools of Trade :

1. Cellphone: Yeah, yeah you can talk to you mate for hours on end. But there is so much more that little device can offer.

Texts:  Communication is a big deal in Long  distant relationships. If you far apart all you got is talking. But sometimes you don’t have endless things to say and that awkward pause on the other end can be uncomfortable for even the most talkative couples.

I like texts because you text when you got something to say or to respond. There is no pressure to keep the conversation going. Plus, it’s great for making your mate a part of your day. You can text at a work break, while eating or at other times when it would be hard to talk. If it’s done right you can make the receiver feel like they spent the day with you.

Tip: Heard that idea about leaving a posted note for your lover? Sending them short love texts work even better. If your mate shuts their phone off at night. A good trick is texting them when you know they are asleep or won’t hear it. Then they awake up with a  cute surprise waiting!text-image2

Media Messages: If you want to keep your lover’s face burnt into your memory after months apart then cell cam/video and webcam are your friends. Cell media/pictures are useful for quick and anywhere/whenever shoots.

Tip:  Send a picture or video clip everyday or few times a week. Go ahead be creativity and fun with them. Perhaps send a picture of the day  showing your current mood. Be silly, be fun, be romantic and yes there ain’t nothing wrong with sexy shots.

2.Emails: With all the new and cool communication tools. Emails between mates are probably rare and seem kind of silly. If you talking and texting everyday why send a email? Because they are rare!! If I get an email from my mate, I am going to be curious and anxious to see what he sent.

Tip: I have always used emails as a way to say the things I might  be to shy to say face to face or on the phone. Send an email when you want to say those romantic things that are hard for you. Send a email when you have something naughty but scary to say. They are also great for when you need to apologize or explain why you are upset/mad/sad or hurt to your mate. They are great tools to express the hard or embarrassing emotions.

3. Webcam/ims: For the long conversations…

Tip: Im while watching the same television show or movie ( again making it seem you both are in the same room). Be creative with your webcams…you can eat together on cam like in the movies and you can even leave it on while you fall asleep.

4.Join social networks together: Whether it is twitter, plurk, second life or etc if you add a few common friends then you create the *feeling* that you have a shared community. This comes in handy when your other friends say ” Why are you in that long distant relationship?” Your social networks friends will know both of you and will be the ones who tell you , ” You two are great together. So and so just doesn’t get it.” Plus, shared friends give you more to talk about and creates a stronger bond.

Scientists discover true love: Couple swans

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Profile the Gender wars

profilewars *Rated B: This Post contains brattiness*

Ipenda got into to deadly serious trouble because he does not have a *Special* folder in reader for my blogs.

“You don’t blog enough to get one,” He said and some other blah blah blah…

Fine. Here is  a blog post and one that insults him and well all SL-men.

Unlike my counterpart, my reader has a special place for him named ” My bf’s blogs”. My tweetdeck ( for twitter) used to have a special group just for him called “Important.” Then I found out that my love had no group for me so

What  does this got to do with sl ? If you are a Profile stalker like me than you may have noticed a strange difference between genders and their profiles.  There have been a rare exception here and there but for the most part Profiles fall on gender lines.

Females in a relationship put their mates all over their profile. Usually the first line is I love blah, I am with Blah, blah makes shit taste like candy followed by a poem about him or her and lots of couple pics in the picks.

Males.. umm.. how should I put this? You need a flashlight and Indiana Jones to find where they hide their mate information. It  is usually mentioned in a pick with a nice picture of them  or the last line in their about or nowhere to be found except maybe in the partner section.

When we first got SL-married my about section’s first line  was something like Married to Ipenda, my reason for living and heaven on earth *coughs* with hearts around it of course.

His about had after detailing that he was a teacher, musician and blah blah stated in the last line handfasted to Sicily <-avoidance of the word Married.

” I use my Profile like a business card. That’s why I put that I am teacher and Musician first.” He said

I said rolling my eyes at him,” You don’t do any SL work! I work in SL. I Dj and do stuff. You only log in to be with me.  I am the one who should use it as business card. Your only job is to be *my* Housewife”

I don’t actually doubt his affection for me or  the love of other sl men for their mates. Yet, It is fascinating  that women ( even in sl) are so comfortable defining themselves by their relationship. Even in the virtual world it seems that women rate success by our relationships. Yet, men define themselves by their skills…even in Ipenda’s case when He ain’t using those skills (ha!) still uses them to establish his SL Identity.

I haven’t the slightest clue if our different priorities and approaches might  be the cause of the high  break up and Sl-divorce rate but it is damn interesting.

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I Just want some damn jeans

Finally finished the sweater and Jeans… Didn’t know Jeans could be such a pain in the umm..jean bottom. But I did it

yule-tide-adyulegroupgift1Blue set available at Cafe & Red set in Fairytails Group


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How to meet someone to virtual with…


It’s been awhile since I have wrote a post dealing with Second life relationships. So here is one on my favorite subjects: the sap….

Whether you are looking for a booty call , a SL relationship or a mate in both worlds I bet you are wondering how do I meet someone in SL?

If you are looking for just sex I probably can’t help you there ( how to get da booty is not my expertise). But I am guessing there our a few rping communities where you can find some easy tail (What? You know its true!!)

Anyway, I can only give suggestions on how to meet possible dates or mates… Finding a person who wants what you want is a different more complex blog. Here are a few ideas on how to meet people ( and I do mean a few)…

*Play SL alot

When I met Ipenda I was worried about my mother’s reaction to how we met. A Sl friend had some wise words for me. ” Where did she think you were going to met a guy? You are always on SL. Of course that’s where you will meet a guy.”

I had never thought of it that way. I was never planning on starting a real life relationship with a SL guy. But the truth was I played so much the likelihood of me meeting someone inworld was much better than me meeting someone in RL.

So if you want a SL mate just play the game and hang out at a lot of different places. The more you play the more people you will meet. Just got to be patient.

** Work!!

I can’t say it enough times. Even if you have a lot real life money your SL social life will improve if you get a SL job. Even just one day a week. My dearest friends I met at my first job. And friends sometimes turn into more or  they introduce you to possible mates. My friend Lesil  introduced me to my first SL Bf. If I never had a job I wouldn’t have met her or met my first bf ( we can debate later if that was a good thing).

*** Do your thing

Get a business, DJ, do classes or whatever your thing is. While you are running your business or Djing at clubs  you are going to met a lot people. And more importantly people are going to want to meet and get to know you. Who is that girl Djing?  Who is the Guy who owns this place? If you a guy..let’s face it girls want the dude with the power, the business or who is just good at something.

I met Ipenda at my old club that I owned. We had a Neko Night and he got bored and came to one of events.

So do your thing and put yourself out there… they will come!!

What didn’t work for me? Where couldn’t I meet decent guys?

Lol, jazz clubs and when I was a pole dancer ( shh..not stripper).  Just like in RL you  don’t want to date the  desperate guy or gal from the bar or a guy who was interested in you because you were swinging on a pole.

I find that the accident- we- just -happened -to -be- in- the- same- place or my- friend- knew -you relationships tend to be the best.

Any better ideas. Please comment…

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This week @Fairytails ( Updated Again)

Look we got to have a little talk about you not posting my events,” Sicily says hitting the website with a chair, ” I know it is a Linden blocking my posting and I know who!!” ( darn Ipenda & his cuteness!!! always causing troubles.)

Anywho, there are a few changes and new things going on at the cafe…

This week @ Fairytails…

SISOU Cal including Fairytails Events and when I am Djing

Thursday: Coworking has moved to Every thursday at noon slt ( until we change the time again.) Please read Ipenda’s post on what co-working event is

Sat: Neko Party will be @10pm as usual. 500L best Neko with DJ Jester

***Cafe is moving to Devine. I&S parcel which allows building perms for group members is still on Resol.

*** New parcel right next to I&S: Sicily and Ipenda’s Om Garden. Just a place to  relax or meditate.

*** We are still looking for live performers from musicians to poets. Im Sicily Heartsdale or Ipenda Keynes and we’ll find a slot for your talent.

***Taking suggestions on events, classes or discussions you would like to see at the cafe. Ex: Singles mixture, a building class, artist workshop, scripting clas, etc. Gimme your ideas in the comments or nc me inworld.

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More me… because you can’t get enough


A while back Vint did a post sharing her social networks. I had planned on doing the same. Instead I did what I do best: got distracted and forget. But since I am extremely lazy and still want to do a post. Here are my social Identities

SL: Sicily Heartsdale ( if you didnt know)…add me but im me too ( is paranoid of horny random males adding me)


Lastfm: fallingwings

blipfm: Sisou

nanowrimo: fallingwings

facebook ( I have always been strangely open about my RL in Sl and other networks. Facebook has been the only social network I have kinda keep secret. Simply because I am Old fashion about facebook. Facebook by default gets very personal…some ppl even have real addresses.  At the very least facebook is a bit pointless if you looking to meet strangers and have a secret identity ( my opinion)…so since it was for meeting classmates it has my RL name and school. But I got nothing crazy on there and I have alreay accepted SL friends invites. so add me :))

twitter: fallingwings


plurk: Sisou

Youtube: Sisouland

I am probably forgetting some places but I am pretty much Fallingwings or Sisou everywhere

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New happenings @FairyTails Cafe

Got a few new things going on a the cafe. Darn wouldn’t it be great if wordpress would let me freaking use google cal!!

Oh, don’t have a google cal for the cafe. I should get on that 😛

Anyway, new stuff

New parcel(addition):  I& S parcel  next door to the cafe is done ( i think)…

Ipenda was nice to keep objects on for Fariytails Group members(tag on). So not only can you camp there ( no camping chairs… The theme is an actual camp site!!) but you can also open/build small packets. Clean up though plz… ( is on right side of cafe/stage tree house build)

New event: Co working event is going to be recurring. Now at 5pm this thursday. HAng out and work on any RL or Sl work.

Coming up: Yule/my bday party  ( Probably dec 21@ 8pm) with DJ Hawk. More details latas

Still happening

Sat Neko Party: Every Sat @1opm with DJ Jester

Still Looking for Live performers!! Get a recurring gig at Cafe.. Im Sicily Heartsdale or Ipenda Keynes.

FairyTails CAfe Slurl

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