Sisou’s wiki


In order to understand this blog fully you might need to know some Sl expressions, Sisou wording and some of the characters in my sl.

Second Life= Virtual world kinda ran and Fuckered by  Linden Labs but created by the residents.

Lindens= The devil. Must be shitted on!!!

SL= Second Life

RL= Real Life

Real Life= A place that many sl-ers talk bout but I am not quite sure it really exisits.

Inworld= When you are in Second Life or  you might say a shop or event is Inworld.

Outworld= My word for being in real life

Neko=  a half kitty/ half human 

Furry= Someone with an animal character

Child Av= An adult with a child character. Also, refer as the creepies ( by me)

Goreans= A sl culture of slaves and masters that I don’t understand. Freedom is great…try it ppl 😛

Dom/Sub= Master/slave roleplaying that creeps me out slightly less than goreans.

tiny= Someone with a tiny character

tp= teleport

Teleport= Moving to a new location with the use  of a slurl or Landmark (Lm)

Slurl/Landmark= it’s  text coordinations of SL locations… Slurl is also a url link

Abbreviations that took me forevers to figure out

afk= away from keyboard

ffs= for fuck sake

wtg= way to go

ftw= for the win

bbs= be back soon

atm= at the moment


Ipenda Keynes= My sl bf who became my rl mate also. Also know as Cents, tail, Pendabear and some gay ass names my friends have giving him. I won’t mention those nicknames because they are girly and turn me off…

Crimson= my Sl sister who has too many alts. She is the wild

Fr0zenhawk= My sl brother and Co-owner Of Misfits Underground. Hawk is a half demon/ half furry changeling…Aka Chilly , Fr0zen, DJ Chilly , Hawk and Hawkster.

Lesil = Former Co-Owner of Misfits Underground. One of my best friends in Sl. Aka LL

Sam= Zoe’s reincarnation. Zoe was my Sl best friend, my old roommate and my former wife.

Amorrose= My friend and Misfit Dj. Aka Rosie and Amo.

Antone= My nutty friend that Im currently fighting with. Aka B and Blessed.

Phoebe= Friend and Misfits Host… Also photographer and sl singer. Aka PA


more latas… since I called it a wiki..feel free to  suggest more definitions or abbreviations in comments…


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